Protect your Pandas

We are proud to present our new game, Protect your pandas, recently released by Auzou Editions. Created from a concept that we had imagined in October 2018, Protect your pandas was launched on September 24th, 2020 mainly in specialized stores.

Made with quality materials, this action and memory game allows young and old to protect a herd of panda from the leopards’ claws. The game is played with wooden pandas, cards and pawns. 

The goal of the game is to save as many pandas as possible by avoiding the leopards that have hidden in the herd. Each panda saved is a token won! So you have to get as many tokens as possible to win the game. Beware of leopards hiding under the wooden pandas, because they make you lose tokens!

It is with 25 cards that the game evolves, making the players act according to the function of each one: find the real pandas, guess which ones are hidden leopards, shuffle the pandas to confuse the players, and so on.

We collaborated with Auzou once again to create this game which was designed by us and illustrated by them. Auzou, a specialist in illustrated books, is now launching into the world of games with illustrations and designs that are highly qualitative.

Protège tes pandas
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