Who are we?

An experienced and creative team serving fun and ambitious projects.

Concepteo is the encounter between an unbridled imagination and a method open to all ideas / all possibilities.

Our creative sessions? a firework of ideas, sketches and mindmap to structure!

A subject, an idea, a brief or a specification set and hop, the machine is launched. Ideas flow, research begins, leads are explored.

Some ideas are thrown away, some evolve, others prototyped in order to be tested! Because yes an idea, it lives and it grows, it works and it develops…


Curiosity and creativity guide Concepteo.

Combining performance, sense and learning is a challenge that we take up with enthusiasm every day. This pushes us to give our best in each of our projects.

Working in a friendly way in cooperation with our customers and stakeholders is essential to us.

It is thanks to a real teamwork that our serious game solutions combine pedagogy and fun of the game.

And it is thanks to the vision and sincerity of our exchanges that our games and toys create tomorrow’s fun.

Jean-François Rochas

This is the creative and playful spirit of the Workshop.

He has already been awarded the Grand Prix du Jouet.

From ideas full of head, he knows how to go from the wacky concept to an effective product.

Moreover, 3D modeling and printing are no longer a secret for him.

He and his 5’10 hate to take themselves seriously.

Photoshop, Illustrator and 3Dsmax are his 3 creative musketeers, who help him at work!

Catherine Mollica

After 20 years of professional experience, she has chosen to work seriously on playful subjects.

Nothing escapes her! The analysis of situations and the rules of the game it’s her.

She loves to study and dissect things rigorously to understand and then go to the essentials.

5’5 of good spirits, she laughs a lot and loves her job.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint are his allies to highlight the essentials even if Illustrator has become indispensable to her!