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Les évadés


The game brand Dujardin has distinguished itself by obtaining the 2022 Toy Grand Prize family games category, with the game Les Evadés!

In this game, the goal is simple: escape from prison. But be careful, only one player can escape, so be smart and study all the possibilities of escape…

Concepteo is proud to have been able to intervene on this game, with the 3D modeling of the doors and the design of the labyrinth.

You can already find it in store and online!

Public: 8 years and over

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Friends : interactive quiz


As a team, choose your favorite character (Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross) and listen to the eGame Master’s directions!

“Chandler’s middle name is Muriel.”
“Ross and Rachel got married in Las Vegas.”

Be the first team to press your buzzer to answer True or False and earn points! The game master will give you challenges to spice up the game!

Concepteo was involved in the 3D design of this game.

Public: 14 years and older

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Harry Potter : the quiz of the 4 houses


Choose your favorite House (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Slytherin) and listen to the directions of the E-Game Master! 

“The symbol for Gryffindor is a tiger.”
“Harry Potter’s scar is in the shape of a lightning bolt.”

Be the first to press your buzzer and try to earn points to win the Four Houses Cup! 

Concepteo created the 3D design for this game.

Public: 8 years and older

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How bad is it, Doctor?


Ask your patient questions, examine his or her tests and make notes on your diagnostic pad to identify his or her illness! From 1 player.

Concepteo was involved in the 3D design of this game.

Public: 7 years and older



Escape Game at the Castle


Max and Enzo are stranded in Rochebrune Castle! Help them out before midnight by solving all the puzzles nestled in the various rooms of the casltle. Beware, the clock is ticking during the game! If you’re not fast enough, you might get stuck in the castle… and face the ghost of William of Rebusse!

Concepteo stepped in to realize the gameplay and 3D home plan of this game.

Public: 6 years and over



The Laughing Pig – Buzz Party


Press your electronic buzzer in 1st to reconstitute your pig diguised at 1st and win!

In this version, to the delight of children, the pig turns into a unicorn, a superhero, a diving or skateboarding and why not an unicorn skateboarding?! Make your imagination speak!

With the special dice, you can have a Super Bonus with the pig face of the edor or be confronted with the Super Danger, with the butcher face!

Concepteo intervened for the design of this game.

Public: 7 year and over



Generation Memories


Discover the board game Generation Memories and fall back in childhood for a game!

Dive into your memories from the 1970’s to 2000’s and find your child’s soul to win! A friendly and funny game to relive your childhood through 100% nostalgic questions and hilarious challenges!

Challenge your friends on general culture issues and fun little games for a moment of regression! Included recess toys will spice up the challenges!

Concepteo stepped in to create the gameplay, the graphic model and write the 1200 questions of this game.

Public: 15 – 99 years old



Scratch It


Make custom scratch cardes! Choose your message and hide the scratch sticker you’ve made! Choose the card you want to offer and write your message.

Will you choose compliments, challenges, or a prediction about the future? Take the scratch paint of your choice and apply it to a transparent sticky sheet. Wait about 10 minutes for the scratch paint to dry and then use the puncher to cut your sticker into a cloud shape.

Cover the message you want to hide by sticking your sticker on it. Your card is ready to be offered… and scratched!

Concepteo intervened for the design of this game.

Public: 7 years and over




Neither Yes or No Disney


– Do you know Nemo? Is Nemo a goldfish? Did you say a clown fish?

– Yes

– Lost ! You shouldn’t say “Yes” or “No”!

The 450 questions cleverly chained to make the whole family fall down will surprise more than one! A simple and funny game of speed to bring together young and old.

Concepteo intervened to write the 600 questions of this game.

Public: 6 years and over





Speed, agility and balance are the best assets required to win this game. Like a true adventurers, players must overcome the trials with the torch in hand, as quickly as possible, maximum 60 seconds per step and without losing the flame, because the sentence would be irrevocable!

Concepteo stepped in to create gameplay for the license.

Public: 6 – 99 years old




Clap the Light


Clap to the rhythm of the fast-moving lights! An electronic and luminous game, speed and agility. Increasing levels of diffuculty and different lights for inflamed choreographies! The new phenomenon of recess!

Concepteo intervened for the design of this game.

Public: 7 years and over



The Infernal Ear


The infernal ear is the game of the Arabic phone in modern version! You pass your message to your neighbor with a giant ear. But be careful! The ear hasn’t been washed for a while and strange things happen inside: messages are transformed by vocal effects. One after the other, you try to transcribe what you have heard to your neighbour. The last one who finds the exact title of the first player has won!

Concepteo intervened for the design of this game.

Public: 6 years and over




The Round of Balls


Your child has fun running Dujardin’s ball round and sees his favorite characters turn in a whirlwind of joy! When the merry-go-round stops, he can open the transparent balls and take out the figurines of the caracters of Chupi and his friends Doudou, Lalou and Pilou to play with. While playing, your child learns colors and develops fine motor skills.

Concepteo intervened for the concept, design and prototype.

Public: 12 months and more



The Chupi Train


To learn by having fun with Chupi. 4 shapes to be inserted: one in the nose one in the fireplace and 2 more in the body of the train.

Concepteo intervened for the concept, design and prototype.

Public: 12 months and over


Activity Ball


A nice 3-part activity ball to coordinate Chupi outfits from head to toe! When it rolls, it makes noise!

Concepteo intervened for the concept, design and prototype.

Public : 9-36 months