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What is Ludification?

We are used to presenting Concepteo as a ludification agency. Because all our activity revoles aroud the game. We work for the game, around the game, with games and to make games. Create them and sometimes even make them.

But ludification, tobe more specific, is to use playful methodologies in pedagogy. We also talk about Playful Educational Engineering to describe our activity of creating serious games.

Is a serious game possible?

It’s true that the main purpose of a game is to entertain, in order words, to give us pleasure. A serious game aims to train or raise awareness. But since we are going to use playful springs in our pedagogical design, we will also find pleasure in learning. Because after all “serious” doesn’t mean “boring”…


Creating serious games, training, designing games and toys, design – prototyping or even author agent, discover our activities around the game.


Want to know what our serious games or games look like? Here we unveil various projects made and manufactured!


Concepteo reveals itself. Get to know our team and you’ll understand how we can achieve all this!

Our News

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

OUR CHRISTMAS OUTINGSHarry Potter : 4 houses quiz   The workshop creates concepts, but also helps publishers who already have a lot of ideas, to find the shape of their games.Here we worked with Zanzoon, on the design of this game, that is to say on the shape...

Christmas releases

Christmas releases

Christmas releasesProtect your Pandas We are proud to present our new game, Protect your pandas, recently released by Auzou Editions. Created from a concept that we had imagined in October 2018, Protect your pandas was launched on September 24th, 2020 mainly in...

Toy Fair Nuremberg

Toy Fair Nuremberg

Nuremberg See you next year Nuremberg! The Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg took place as it does every year at the end of January. For 6 years we have been going on this show to meet our interlocutors from all over the world. Because the Nuremberg game and toy fair is...

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